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20mph Top Speed, 30mi Range, 1 Year Warranty.

Shared's Zoomers Are For Sale In Portland, OR & Ship Worldwide!

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From City-Wide Rental, To For Sale

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50,000+ Happy Riders

Shared operated it's Zoomer rental program in Portland, Oregon and served over 50,000 unique riders over the course of nearly a year.

During this time, we received unrelenting positive feedback about the Zoomer. We used the input from our customers to constantly improve the experience, durability and capability. Resulting in the current generation of brand new Zoomers now available for purchase. 

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A Blast To Ride

When we started Shared, our core focus was to create a new, versatile, and extremely fun form of electric transportation we could share with everyone. 

The result was our Zoomers. They're extremely stable to ride, durable, can handle all road conditions, are bike lane legal, can carry up to 400lbs and are a blast to take off road.

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USA Based, In Portland, Oregon

Our brand new Zoomers are available for pickup from our company headquarters in Portland, Oregon or can be shipped directly to your door.

Zoomers can be picked up next day from our Portland headquarters or shipped to your door and arrive in an average of 3 to 7 business days.

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This is by far the best electric scooter experience I've had it was so much fun and so easy to ride and I felt much safer and in control then I did with the other scooters definitely worth the extra money to rent Shared's Zoomers.

Harlow Stone (From Shared's Rental Program)

The Zoomers are fast, and feel safer than others because they're low to the ground, and the fat tires make going over streetcar rails less of an issue. When I ride these, I don't feel like I'm impeding traffic like I do on the slower scooters.

Brooks Russell (From Shared's Rental Program)

I tried one of their big Zoomer things. It makes WAY more sense then those flimsy and dangerous little Lime things. They feel really good to ride and are actually significantly more fun. I find it relaxing, unlike those little Lime scooters you have to stand on. 

R K (From Shared's Rental Program)